We are committed to showing kindness to both people and the planet through Opaline Hue. 


Our fabric is made to order in a technical merino wool fabric, with 2% spandex for added strength. 

The fabric comes from the first merino manufacturer to have fully traceable fibers. Our supplier is committed to a supply chain that is socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. They uphold high standards for farm management and workplace practices. They are committed to happy and healthy sheep, and only the best wool practices. All their wool is non-mulesed.

The fibers are harvested from New Zealand and Australia, spun in China at a Bluesign Partner factory, knit, treated and dyed in Thailand to Bluesign Systems standards, [with the exception of some fabrics treated with a Hercosett treatment, which Bluesign does not approve of since it includes chlorine]. Fabric is dyed using Huntsman wool reactive dyestuff, a Bluesign Systems Partner.


We ship from Thailand to the States via cargo ship. Ships carrying OH fabric follow the IMO 2020 mandate, using low sulfur fuel for cleaner oceans. 


Our factory is located in the US and they are committed to ethical business practices. Garments are made to order to reduce waste and risk. Those who work for our factory are given above minimum wage. They have quarterly safety trainings and a dedicated safety support. They have an open door policy with management and an anonymous suggestion box. The factory hosts potlucks and holiday parties. The employees are offered opportunities to learn new skills and increase their pay. 



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