Versatile Apparel for Easy Elegance

Life is full of beauty and meaning - and often we have less time in the day than we need in order to embrace it. We make multi-purpose clothing to ease your day. By pairing functional fabric with casual and classic designs, Opaline Hue creates garments to increase the versatility of your closet.


Quality is one of our top priorities. We use a merino wool fabric with technical properties like wrinkle resistance, easy wash, breathability and more. We make our garments to order in Alabama through skilled sewers. These garments are created to last you years to come. 

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We recognize that our customers need clothing that is, if nothing else, extremely comfortable. Our merino wool is soft and completely itch-free. Our fabric boasts a 4 way stretch, yet returns back to shape. The double knit fabric is also shaping, so it smooths and flatters your natural shape. 

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Opaline Hue designs are classic and simple. They are created to be worn casually on a daily basis, yet are able to be dressed up for styled occasions. The design is intended for versatility in how the garment is styled. The cuts flatter the form while embracing mobility, class and comfort. 

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