Welcome, new friend.  

Opaline Hue builds beautifully simplistic, high tech clothing for women doing much in their daily lives. 

I started Opaline Hue in 2018 to fill a gap noticed in the industry. I grew up in Colorado and learned from the outdoor adventure community about how clothes can work for us as we wear them. There is more that certain fabrics can do beyond covering our bodies. When I moved to Chicago, I noticed that the styles were not only different, but the fabric served only that singular purpose. The urban, streetwear, daily wear, whatever you'd like to call it, did little more than cover us in a styled design.

By combining functional fabrics with a streetwear style, I designed Opaline Hue's first garments to look like the daily wear we see in cities, but actually function more like outdoor clothing. The fabric I chose is particularly shaping and smooth, so it looks like what you'd wear to put yourself together (as opposed to, say, the way sweatshirt material looks). It is itch free, wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, stain resistant and moisture wicking. The garment stretches in every direction, yet returns to and maintains its shape. 

What I also learned from the outdoor industry, is how to love my clothing. This meant caring for them well and keeping them as long as they would last. I'm inspired to bring this mentality to the streetwear industry. Beyond minimalism and capsule wardrobes, there is a culture change that must happen in our thinking about our apparel. Through Opaline Hue, I feel a responsibility to demonstrate a stewardship of the clothing we have and I hope that you will consider joining me in this. 
Now I want to mention something about you. I made these clothes for you! They are made for people whose lives are busy. Busy not because we are checking off the boxes and rushing around, but busy because we have a mission, a purpose. If you show up and give of yourself to this life that you love, I think these clothes will help. My hope is that you would feel served by Opaline Hue clothing as you go about making an impact in your world. 
I make clothes for your productivity, but I also write about productivity on the All Day Love blog. There is a lot about mental health and the internal impacts of productivity - so take a look around!
Thank you for being here. I hope you'll find you're in the right place. And if you have any questions, please reach out at madeline@opalinehue.com
All the love,