What makes this fabric functional? To us, functional means that it is a high quality, durable material that does more for you. Here are some of the ways that our fabric goes above and beyond. 

Durable: The wool fibers wrap about spandex fiber for added strength to the fabric. The fabric has been tested and holds an above burst strength rating. 

Breathable: Merino wool absorbs moisture and releases it to the air. This makes the fabric feel open and less clammy. 

Comfortable: Merino wool is very soft. The treatment used on the fabric makes it itch free and smooth. 

Odor resistant: Merino absorbs moisture and locks in odor, keeping it from your body. Odor is released during washing. 

Wrinkle resistant: Merino fabrics return to their natural shape. You'll find your Opaline Hue garments are remarkably smooth, and any wrinkles that do form easily return to shape. 

Shaping: The fabric is thick, yet lightweight. It shapes and smoothes to your body, while leaving enough room for comfort. 

Stretch: This fabric has a four way stretch, and returns nicely to its original shape. 

We work with a supplier who cares about the health and happiness of the sheep, as well as the farmers, mill workers and the environment. To learn more about our supply chain, head HERE