Proper Care

These garments are made of a Merino wool blend. This means cleaning is a breeze.

We recommend washing your garments less often, as wool is naturally bacteria resistant, breathable, wrinkle resistant and stain resistant. Try airing out your garments in between uses.

Machine washing and drying your garments is very easy with this wool technology. Adhere to these instructions to properly care for your garments: 

Wash Cold Machine Wash
Dry Tumble Dry
Bleach Do Not Bleach
Dry Clean Do Not Dry-Clean
Iron Cool Iron If Necessary



See our pilling treatment blog post HERE

Your garment will begin to pill after the first few wears and washes. This is simply the shorter merino hairs working their way out. It is an easy fix and the garment fibers will improve over time. 

To decrease pilling, wash your new garment within 3 wears. 

If your garment has begun to pill, we recommend giving your garment a shave using a pill shaving device or simply using a new razor you would use to shave. If you do use a razor, use caution and avoid shaving over the seams to avoid snagging or cutting the fabric. 

We want to make sure your garment functions properly for as long as possible! If you have any questions about proper care, please reach out to us at