The Town Hall to Reimagine Small Business held by Hello Seven included a call to action at the end was a pledge to become a specifically anti-racist organization, which I took for Opaline Hue.

Hello Seven defined anti-racist as: "those who speak and act in ways that advance racial equity in society; the act of interrupting racism."

You can view the pledge here, and I'll summarize the 5 points of the pledge: 

  1. Name white supremacy within your agency
  2. Engage in anti-racist education for you and your team
  3. Commit to open conflict and allow discomfort 
  4. Invest a portion of your budget into the Black community
  5. Express your sincere long term commitment to being an anti-racist organization

This was a really good Town Hall gathering of thousands of different types of small businesses. I took the pledge and decided to spend some time to determine how it could be more specific to Opaline Hue, being a small company with no employees and very low monthly overhead. Here are some more specific points that can apply Opaline Hue

  1. Engage in quarterly anti-racist education in the form of books, trainings or workshops. 
  2. Build diverse relationships within this creative space and engage with media run by Black and POC leaders and makers. 
  3. Seeking to invest money into the Black community when I can (this one is vague because I don't spend money often and my budget is low on a monthly basis, but it would include anything from graphic design to software to influencers when I seek those partnerships)
  4. Continued education around the racism in the fashion industry and being in conversation about it. 

The future of Opaline Hue is uncertain, being a start up. But imagining that Opaline Hue grows much larger, my next steps as that happens will be:

  1. Hire a DEI coach to support my transition to hiring employees and managing people, as well helping me create an environment where Black and POC employees can fully be themselves and flourish in their roles. 
  2. Seek diverse talent 
  3. All the initial pledge points 
  4. From the beginning, my goal was to be able to donate a portion of each sale to the Loveland Therapy Fund. I thought it would be wise to wait until I was at least breaking even. In growth, this would still be my plan. 
  5. Build a diverse board to hold Opaline Hue accountable to anti-racism and other important matters.
  6. Seek out business community led by Black women and WOC