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Orders are closed and will open again in the Fall. Sign up to get notified!

About Opaline Hue

 The Brand

We clothe women in all-day love. 

Opaline Hue garments are made from a high quality wool blend. The fabric is a technology made for long last, true comfort and a polished look. It is itch free, wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, moisture wicking and crazy comfortable. The garments stretch in every direction to allow ease for everything the wearer might do during the day, yet returns its shape to maintain a put-together look. They are easy to wash and we encourage customers to wash less often. The designs are simple, for an elegant, versatile and individualized look.

The technical properties of these garments offer women the comfort and support they need in their full, daily lives. Opaline Hue apparel is built to last and designed to love you every place you go.


The Story 

Madeline started Opaline Hue in 2018 to fill a gap she noticed in the industry: Beautifully simplistic, yet high tech clothing for women doing much in their daily life. She believes every moment is precious and thus should be done in clothes that support and serve the wearer. 

By combining comfort with luxury and functionality with style, she wanted to create clothing that can keep up with the modern woman’s life and support her to embrace whichever moment she’s in. The designs in Opaline Hue are meticulously crafted to be functional for women living busy lives as mothers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, teachers, leaders and any impact that requires giving of themselves.

Her hope is for women to feel served by their clothing as they go about making an impact in their world.  


How Your Clothes Are Made

We are committed to showing kindness to both people and the Earth through Opaline Hue. 


Our fabric is made to order in a technical merino wool fabric, with 2% spandex for added strength. 

The fabric comes from the first merino manufacturer to have fully traceable fibers. Our supplier is committed to a supply chain that is socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. They uphold high standards for farm management and workplace practices. They are committed to happy and healthy sheep, and only the best wool practices.

The fibers are from New Zealand and Australia, and the fabric is made in Thailand. 


Our factory is located in the US and focuses on small batch production. Garments are made to order to reduce waste and risk.