Why 'Functional' Clothing?

These are the words a friend said to me 2 years ago as I began to dream up a line of clothing made from technical fabrics. 

She explained to me that she needs to be comfortable as she raises her two little girls, but she still wants to look put together and feel beautiful. She doesn't feel great feeling like she's wearing pajamas or any form of athleisure all day long. 

So why functional daily wear?

Because most of our clothes aren't as comfortable as they could be,

aren't as durable as we need them to be,

and if they are comfortable and durable, they often aren't going out or put together level cute. 

I set out to change that with Opaline Hue. 

Still occasionally using my friend as my guinea pig or sounding board, I created garments that were comfy like a loving hug, but looked chic and professional.

Pieces that did more for her like move and retain its shape, make it simple to remove stains, hard to smell bad, and hard to wrinkle. 

So why functional daily wear?

Because why should our clothing not do the most for us?

All the love,


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