Why is Cleaning Opaline Hue Products So Easy?

A customer recently told me that one things they love about their Opaline Hue piece is the easy care. This really resonated with me because from the beginning, I imagined the people who wear Opaline Hue would be busy and need wardrobe solutions for their lifestyle. She cares about how she looks, but she would be more interested in the simple and functional use of her clothing. I started from a familiar place. I'm that customer. I have a certain style and I care about how I look, but my look is also low maintenance by design. I would prefer to look 'put together' with a simple pulling on of a sweater and not have to think about much else. What is simpler than less washing and easy care? 

Easy care is key

So let me tell you a few facts about cleaning Opaline Hue. We use a merino wool blend (only 2% of the fabric is spandex, the rest is merino wool). When you wash, wash it with like colors and tumble dry (pretty normal). We recommend that you clean your garment less often and in fact recommend that after you wear it, hang it up to let it air out. It will pill initially due to shorter fibers pushing their way out, but with a quick shave it will look brand new!

Why can you wash merino wool less often?

Bacteria (& Odor) Don't Thrive Here

The primary reason is the way that merino wool interacts with bacteria. Bacteria is the main culprit of odor that we experience in our clothes after a few wears. Merino wool holds odors in and then the odors are largely released in the wash. Bacteria also doesn't thrive in the fibers so odor is much slower to develop in these garments. 

Wool Absorbs Your Moisture

Wool absorbs more water than other fibers commonly worn on our body. So when you sweat, wool absorbs that moisture and bacteria is less likely to grow on your skin.  

Wool Doesn't Get Dirty As Quickly

Washing needs to happen less often because wool is more resistant to blemishes and stains. Again, going back to the fiber makeup. Wool fiber doesn't attract as much dust from the air around us. It also doesn't absorb stains like other fibers do, making it more simple to wipe off and look as good as new. 

Wool Doesn't Wrinkle Easily

Wool is flexible and returns back to it's natural state after movement and bending. When a wool garment always looks pressed in shape, care is easy!

Thanks to merino wool, our pieces are made to stay fresh in between washes. 

I am embarrassed to admit to you how little I have washed my Opaline Hue pieces. I'm not even going to tell you the real number... it's that low. I simply air out my pieces after a wear and give it the ol' smell test. When I wash them, I usually take them out of the wash and allow them to air dry just because the dryer can be tough on all my clothes. So far, so good!  

The surprisingly easy care is one of my favorite things about Opaline Hue pieces and add to the reason that they add an immense amount of value to a closet. lf you have any questions about caring for your piece, ask below!

Wool facts came form The Woolmark Company!

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