Values Of Opaline Hue: Quality

This week I’m talking about the first Opaline Hue value: quality. I find that this is the hardest one to talk about because it is so straightforward and what company doesn’t want to offer quality to their customers? Regardless of what anyone else does, quality is still foundational to the brand. Read on to see how quality impacts Opaline Hue.

Quality for the Opaline Hue woman

The Opaline Hue woman values quality in her life. This speaks the most to the heart. She values quality conversations and quality time, hearing the heart of another and telling the truth. Never wanting to see life pass by, she is intentional with the people around her, including herself. She understands that life is not perfect, her perception of quality is not always available. But, she is paying attention and takes every chance she can get to dive into her life with intention.

How Quality impacts our designs

The quality of our products is the backbone of Opaline Hue. We won’t be expanding our clothing line without upholding our standard of quality. The quality of Opaline Hue garments comes primarily through the fabric. I searched for a fabric which lined up to the standard I needed for these clothes. I turned down many swatches because they didn’t have the right fiber content or stretch or weight or weave. The fabric we use is 98% merino wool, sourced from New Zealand and Australia with 2% spandex. The spandex adds strength to the wool, which being a natural fiber is more easily broken than manmade fiber. Our fabric is not thick in the typical sense when talking about wool, but it does have a weight and a strength that adds to the durability and overall quality of the fabric.

How Quality impacts our creation

Our supplier and manufacturing partners bring the quality when it comes to making these products. We work with a manufacturing company who values communication and accuracy in order to maintain the quality of the clothes. At least for a while, I will be personally checking the quality of each garment and mailing them out myself. In the future when Opaline Hue is a more established company, I dream of offering guarantees on the clothing because quality is my expectation for the clothes you buy.

Because I have chosen not to sell my products wholesale, the garment is essentially available to you at a wholesale price. This makes it possible for me to find high quality fabric, made in a high quality manner, and still sell it at a reasonable price. I chose not to cut corners on the price of the fabric and thankfully I am working with manufacturers who won’t cut corners on paying laborers. The “corners I cut” to make these affordable then come from Opaline Hue selling directly to you.

How Quality impacts you

Our products are made to hold up to the life you are living. The fabric will be the clothing you need while you pursue quality in your own life. The gracious stretch allows for easy and comfortable movement, so you can bend and stretch and move. The wrinkle resistance and odor resistance means less washing or fussing over your clothes, and more focusing on your impact. The breathability, moisture wicking and warming properties of the fabric mean you won’t need to focus so much on your own temperature.


This is it for our first value of Opaline Hue! Thank you for reading. The next three Fridays of February I will be posting about the following three values: Simplicity, Kindness and Investment. In the meantime, let me know below or on Instagram if you have any thoughts on today’s post!

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