Values of Opaline Hue: Kindness

This week, Kindness is the highlighted value of Opaline Hue. It is a simple and easily explained, yet nonetheless deeply engrained value. When I speak of kindness, I think of how we do business, how we make our impact and how YOU experience our brand. Read below to learn more about how Kindness impacts Opaline Hue to its core.

Kindness for the Opaline Hue woman

The Opaline Hue woman values kindness in her life. Kindness towards humanity, herself, and the environment. Sometimes kindness can be mistaken for niceness, but kindness has a greater depth and is willing to sacrifice personal comfort for what is right. Though kindness isn’t always easy to give to herself, she understands her value and its importance. Kindness is a journey, an urgent journey at that. She seeks to learn and grow in order to extend kindness further and deeper. To her, kindness is a commitment.

How Kindness impacts our creation

A mentor of mine says, nothing is 100% sustainable. The only sustainable clothing design would be no clothing at all. So rather than use the words ethical and sustainable (which still is what Opaline Hue strives to be), I have chosen to use the word kindness to describe this manner of business. Kindness is my focus in a few ways. First, it describes how I do business with other humans. My factory is in the US with a company who is also committed to changing the fashion industry ethics around labor. The people who sew your clothes are given a living wage and live in the US. Kindness is my commitment when working with other businesses or freelancers in any realm of my business. Secondly, kindness speaks to the environmental impact. The wool blended fabric used is made to order, by a company committed to environmental health. The company holds a Responsible Wool Standard certification**, which speaks to the health and happiness of the sheep. The farms they work with in NZ and Australia are healthy places for their workers. The mills they have in Thailand (where the fabric is machine made) are also healthy places for their workers. As Opaline Hue grows, I will be seeking out certifications for ethics and sustainability, but my main focus will be kindness for the sake of good stewardship and honoring human life.

How Kindness impacts you

I hope that by engaging with Opaline Hue as a brand, you find yourself speaking more kindly to yourself. The content that I want to make is for the Opaline Hue woman who knows her value and wants to use it to impact the world. I hope that any barrier or obstacle to that impact is weakened by being a part of this community. You are special and valuable, and the blogs and social media posts are my attempt to display that. I also hope that you find the garments Opaline Hue makes are a gift to you- something you’ve been looking for that you couldn’t find. I hope you feel kindness extended your way by the creation of these clothes! (These are some big hopes - I know!)


Kindness is the value that lead me to do this in the first place. It resonates most with me as my ‘why’. I saw Opaline Hue as an opportunity to extend kindness tangibly.


Update 3/2/19: I was recently informed that not all production orders are under the RWS certification. Our supplier is a Bluesign Systems Partner, but the Opaline Hue order is not RWS certified.

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