Values of Opaline Hue: Investment

Investment for Opaline Hue means investing in people. Through the business, in every move we want to invest in people. This means portions of profits in the future, in our business partnerships, in the professionals we work with, in how we contribute to the fashion industry, in you and your wellbeing and how YOU continue to make the investment and impact you do in your life. Read on to understand how I’ve broken down our value of investment.

Investment for the Opaline Hue woman

The Opaline Hue woman believes in investment in her life. Living intentionally, she pours into the life she’s been given - her daily work, her community, her loved ones. Her own needs are important to her and prioritized. She knows she is uniquely important and needed. She desires that her life would be an investment into her world. On the outside, she may look busy, but she considers herself to be greatly impactful and her time to be well spent.

How Investment impacts you

I want you to have the perfect clothing to make the impact you desire in your world. My greatest hope for these clothes is when you wear Opaline Hue, you are wearing a garment that supports your investment into your life - a superhero cape! The construction of these garments is sewn with strength to last, so that you can buy this product for the long haul. The fabric is easy to clean, durable, wrinkle resistant, warm yet breathable, adaptable to look great for work and play - all with your lifestyle in mind. So many aspects of these garments will serve you, so you can focus on everything you do!

How Investment impacts our creation

One of my favorite parts of building a business, is setting up a foundation to invest in others. I am dreaming of all of the suppliers, professionals, educators, freelancers and more whom I can invest in (pay) to build Opaline Hue. People should be paid well for their skills. I can’t wait to begin this business for real, so that I can be a part of investing in real people using their talents.

How Investment impacts our identity

As we begin to shape the identity of this brand - the experience you have when you interact with us - my aim is to invest in our society. I told a friend recently- I don’t want a platform. I am a private person. But because I want to build this business, I have a platform. I want to use this wisely and be a small drop of good in a large ocean of content. So, I want to invest in our society with the identity of Opaline Hue. If you are in my target audience (see each initial bolded line of the values series) I want you to see yourself in Opaline Hue. More than that, I want you to feel honored and valued by Opaline Hue. This is particularly referring to body type and race. Marketing is known to make space for petite and white, and holds this up a standard of beauty. That this should be the standard of beauty is of course untrue and damaging. I hope to tell a more honest story about beauty, as many other wonderful small brands are striving to do. Full disclosure: I am white and generally wear size S-M. But I am committed to doing my own internal work, to educating myself, and to listening - I pray that influences the brand’s output.

How Investment informs our decisions

Maybe you knew this one was coming - maybe not in the way you thought. Our Opaline Hue pieces are an investment, but I don’t really mean financially. By purchasing these pieces you are investing in yourself. If you want to feel put together and professional, if you want to feel comfortable and warm, if you want to be free to move every which way, if you want to find pieces that will be with you for the long haul, then these are in investment into your lifestyle.


I truly am excited most about this value for Opaline Hue. It scares me the most too, because it deals with people and their hearts. With any platform comes responsibility, and I pray I can do this with sincerity, humility and do it well.

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