The All Day Sweater

Introducing: The All Day Sweater

 The All Day Sweater is truly the piece for comfort anywhere you take it. It's the perfect lazy Sunday, Saturday morning brunch pullover - but it's also my favorite piece to dress up for work. Pop on a bold lipstick and wear it out around town. This piece is versatility in a nutshell

The Fabric

This style comes in our Cinnamon Stone color, as well as in black. Both fabrics are our merino wool spandex blend. You can read more about our fabric here, but the simple version is that it is a functional fabric. This means that it does more than your typical clothing does. It is wrinkle resistant, odor resistant and needs less washing. It also has 4 way stretch and returns to its original shape. This fabric has both the smooth comfort (confirmed by customers to be soft and itch-free!) and the polished looking style that makes these garments perfect for both work and play. 

The Fit

The All Day Sweater is the first 'Oversized Fit' available for Opaline Hue. The previous garments are what we called 'Fitted', meaning they drape closer to your body. The All Day Sweater has larger armholes and a looser torso. The neck is also wide and looser. This 'Oversized Fit' is a loved modern style as it offers a un-restricting comfort while looking posh and styled. 

The Pockets

The All Day Sweater has two side seam pockets with a visible seam on the outside of the garment. They're just about the size of your hand!

 The Sleeves

The sleeves are similar to the length of the Classic and Classic Crop. The sleeves of The All Day Sweater fall 1-2 inches above the wrist. The oversized fit means the sleeves are much looser over the upper arm and narrow into a secure fit around the wrist.  

The Neck

The neckline of this piece is a cozy, loose fitting turtleneck. There are two ways to wear it: unrolled and rolled. I love to wear it unrolled, but it folds over in a clean roll. Both styled necks are great for the feeling of comfy security as you lounge at home or look polished at the office. 


The All Day Sweater Available This Month

The All Day Sweater will be available soon. Stay tuned for an official launch!

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