How To Treat [Opaline Hue] Garment Pilling

Title edited 2/24 to include Opaline Hue. This treatment is for our fabric, recommended by our supplier. 
Opaline Hue garments are all made of the same fabric. We use a thick, double knit merino blend made from 98% merino wool and 2% spandex for added strength.
Here are a few words to know about our fabric:
Double knit: The fabric is knit twice. The front and back look the same. Double knit fabric is strong and holds its shape due to its structure. 
Merino wool: Merino wool is a fiber from Merino sheep. It is known for being particularly soft. It also offers many natural technical properties like warmth, durability and breathability. 
Non-Mulesed: Mulesing is a painful procedure done to sheep in order to avoid infection. It involves removing wool and skin without painkillers.  All of our wool is non-mulesed. 
Merino wool garments are strong and durable. It is important to take good care of your wool in order to enjoy it for a very long time! What you will start to see after about 3-5 wears of your garment is slight pilling. We are told by the people who manufacture our fabric that this is normal and expected for merino wool. 

Before starting Opaline Hue, I thought that pilling was the end. I had no idea that it is actually a really natural process of wool fabric and can be easily treated. 

What is pilling?

Pilling: Pills are small balls of fiber that form on the surface of your garment. Oftentimes, this occurs when shorter merino fibers are moving out from the knitted fabric where there was friction. 
You see pilling occur at any place in your garment where something has rubbed up against it. The good news is that it is an easy fix! You can 'shave' your garment on your own with a razor or a pilling shaver. 

How To Treat Garment Pilling

1. Lay your garment on a flat surface. 

2. Use a new, clean razor or purchase a fabric pill shaver (these are easy to get online and possibly in department stores). Added again for emphasis: Please use a new, clean razor.
3. Begin to shave in a downward motion. Hold the fabric steady with your free hand. 
4. Don't be afraid to press gently into the fabric. 
5. You will begin to see some of the fibers separate from the fabric. Continue shaving any areas you see pilling occur. 
6. Only shave over flat fabric. Do not shave over seams. Avoid shaving over stitching as well. 
7. Brush off the removed fibers with a hand or a lint roller.
8. Good as new! Your fabric will improve over time as you wash it. While we suggest that you wash less often (just air your piece out and save some water!), washing your piece will remove some fibers that pill. 
Bonus: Give your garment a wash within the first few wears to help these little fibers worm their way out sooner!
Have any questions about pilling or other garment care topics? Please reach out at
Edited 2/24 to add: This treatment is for Opaline Hue garments, recommended by our fabric supplier. 

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