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We have some great questions coming in about the new styles! So in order to help your decision making, we are compiling the questions here in this FAQ blog post. We are updating this as questions come in. Please head here if you have a question you don’t see, or email us at madeline@opalinehue.com. We are answering questions on Instagram on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can also over there to ask a question! 

What is the length of The Everything Dress? 

The Everything Dress has been lengthened a lot since our initial shoot! If length is your primary concern, let's talk first. It has been lengthened about 3" and is now 36” from shoulder to hem on the size 8. Each size up and down increase or decrease by .5”-.75" respectively. If you want to chat about what the length would be on you, I would love to personally help you out! Please reach out at madeline@opalinehue.com

Does the dress pair well with leggings? 

Yes! This is my favorite way to wear it. I like a nice summer shift dress but I love layering a shift dress in the winter. This is my treasured travel dress. It's an all year round dress. 

What does the Cinnamon Stone color look like? 

It's a cool shade of taupe with some warmth to it - which is why I decided to call it cinnamon stone. You can see in some of the photos, the color goes nicely with the leather sandals, so it pairs well with other shades of brown and black. 

Does the Everything Dress come in black?

Yes! Everything is available in both colors. 

Can I wear the merino wool in the summer?

Yes - the wool is very breathable so it allows air to breeze through, keeping you cool. It is also moisture wicking so it's great for sweat and won't start to smell!

What colors will each style be available in? 

Everything is available in both colors!

Are the All Day Sweater pockets more for hands or for things?

The pockets aren’t deep, so they are more for hands! They are great for keeping chapstick or other small things. They will hold you phone just fine, but be careful if you are moving around a lot. 

Is the Cinnamon Stone color cool or warm?

Its tough to say, in person it looks slightly warm but ultimately I would say it’s a cooler color. 

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