5 Easy Ways To Embrace Your Life

Opaline Hue is all about showing you that yours is a life to embrace. Whoever you are, as long as you have breath in your lungs, you are of value. Therefore, your time is of value. The life before you is of value. Because I believe so strongly this is true, I want to encourage you to embrace the life that is before you. So today, I want to share with you 5 ways I practice embracing my days.

Defining what is important to me

Embracing my life fully requires getting specific on what is most important. We are prone to choose how we spend our time apart consideration of our values. For example, I highly value health and positive body image but I don’t exercise consistently. When I get down to the core values I hold, I can make better decisions about how to spend my time. 

Our time really is precious. When I am living based on my values, I notice I feel a bit more peaceful and whole - That is when I am really embracing my life. 

Noticing pain or insecurity 

Where I notice. insecurity and pushback in myself there is usually something still there in my heart I haven’t addressed. 

I like to challenge myself to notice, just notice, those moments of pain. Maybe addressing that will require a talk with a friend, a journal entry, therapy, something simple or nothing at all. 

Rather than ignoring it, or obsessing about it, I just notice it. 

When I practice simply noticing insecurity or parts of myself I don’t like, I practice both grace for myself while also allowing me an opportunity for personal growth. I embrace my life when I am honest with myself about the state of my heart. 

Taking seriously my hopes for life

Embracing my days includes taking note of my dreams and deciding how those can become reality. Sometimes starting a business may have to wait for family or financial reasons, and sometimes we need to get over fear and start right now! 

There have been times in my life where I have felt a desire would never happen. There may still be some that never will. In those moments it is easy to take an all or nothing approach and decide nothing I desire for life will happen. 

Dreams are worth taking seriously. I embrace my life when I allow my heart to be free to create the craziest wildest hopes, and I embrace my days when I take note of that dream and decide how I can give it a chance. 

Healing and Self development

The most prominent way I have embraced my life is through self development. A few years ago, had so much pain in my heart to unravel. Some issues were obvious and others felt like a surprise embedded from childhood. The best thing I have ever done for my future was going to therapy to heal. 

Today I feel much more free to embrace my life. However, while I was in the midst of it, doing the painful and intense hard work, I was embracing my life all the more. It took wild courage to keep going to therapy when I didn’t see results, but I embraced my story and went again. 

Therapy is not the only form of self development of course, but this is a significant part of my story.

Choosing contentment

Embracing my life involves choosing to be content in what I have before me. 

Contentment is not settling. It is not believing this is how life will always be, or how life should be now. Contentment is choosing to find things to be grateful for today. There are times in life when finding what to be grateful for flows like a waterfall. Life also holds seasons of pain, apathy, disappointment - when gratitude is a challenging practice. To be content is to find rest in gratitude for the here and now and - however easy or hard that may be - contentment is a powerful part of embracing life.


Those are my top 5 ways I choose to embrace my life. If any of these points resonated with you today, I would love to hear about it! Comment below, or reach out through instagram.

I hope you know, yours is a life to embrace.




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