4 Wardrobe Hacks For Busy Living

I find that living a busy life can be a bit like backpacking.

You think ahead at the beginning of the day to each place you need to go.

Pack up the necessary items- clothing, food, computer, charger, wallet, water. (I know I can’t even begin to list what the mothers need to pack)

Pack up the ‘just in case’ items.

Some days it seems as though we live out of our bags, or our car, or the stroller.

Well in my Colorado backpacking days, I learned one of the most important aspects of packing is your wardrobe. What we wear in the woods can enable us to go long distances and enjoy the journey.

As busy women in cities, our wardrobes should serve us with the same durability and usefulness. Too often we bend to the cultural trend, which tends to be cheap and fleeting. When we wear clothing that lasts and functionally serves us - I believe we can go further and enjoy the journey!


Today I want to share with you my 4 personal wardrobe hacks to serve your fast-paced, dreaming and doing lifestyle. These have been the ‘mario-kart-red-mushrooms’ to my busy life and I think they could do the same for you.

Waterproof bag

More than once, a waterproof bag has spared me a meltdown by protecting my electronics. If you are a busy (with intention) person, juggling the hats and the details of a multifaceted life, one thing I don’t like to worry about is the contents of my life when faced with unexpected weather. A waterproof bag is an essential for me, because it’s one worry I can outsource, if you will. Outsource the worry girl!

My take - What says ‘boss’ like being super chill when it starts to rain?

*More than once however, I’ve left a coffee mug with an un-tightened lid inside a waterproof bag. You don’t get the same results. That one’s on me.

Breathable Cardigan

Now this one’s especially inspired by growing up in Colorado where the weather dramatically changed hour by hour. I recommend for every busy woman out there, a cozy, mid weight yet thick cardigan. This seems simple. Because it is. Find a neutral color that matches your wardrobe. Feel it, and find a texture that is soothing to you. You can carry this with you, depending on where you live, for much of the year.

Coming from an environment sensitive person, having a cozy cardigan to create a soothing space wherever you are - well that’s just purely sensical for a busy (with intention) person. I’m also able to regulate my temperature with ease. Wear it many ways! You can do the cute trendy thing where you slip it over your shoulders and have your arms free. Wear it around your waist. Sit on it in the park (this may push a boundary). Put it over your legs at your friends’ Super Bowl Party, where they keep the basement temperature really low. Or just simply wear it like you would typically, and be your ambitious self. Either way, I think you’ll try this and not be able to go back. Outsource discomfort!

Comfort Shoes

I’m talking geriatric status comfort shoes. You may already know about this, but to those who don’t - I’m introducing you to a whole new world. I know you want to look cute. Just pause and put those Target shoes back real quick. There is a better way. I’m introducing you to comfort shoes. They are worth every single cent you spend on them. Beauty is no longer pain, beauty is comfort! You walk miles, you stand on your feet all day, you chase kids around a park. Show your feet the love they deserve!

My favorite shoes are comfort shoes. I get compliments because they are cute. They are also timeless- because I chose them and I’m planning to wear them until the soles fall off. I walked miles for 2 weeks in Europe in cute sandals from an ethical shoe company and I’d do it all again. This here is a true life hack. Your feet and your wonderfully busy life will be thankful for the extra cushion. Outsource the pain honey!

Wireless Headphones

For every woman I dream of education, opportunity, equality and a pair of wireless headphones (more accurately “earphones”). I have found that wireless headphones are a high level of luxury in this busy life which I can afford. As a busy (with intention) person, I can go through a whole day having used my headphones to listen to music, a podcast (funny), a podcast (educational), to take phone calls, to listen to a training video. It is this level of ease that you just need to experience to really get it. They sit comfortably around your neck like a necklace when they aren’t in use. I can walk away from my phone while is charges, still listening to music. Pop it in one ear so you can hear if your boss or your kids are calling with the other. There is a seamlessness that comes with wireless headphones that I think every busy woman needs in her life! Outsource those chords!

I will be doing a giveaway in the future including a pair of gorgeous wireless headphones. If you’re interested - subscribe and you can be the first to enter!


That is my list of my personal wardrobe hacks tailored to the big dreaming and doing lifestyle! I would love to hear if you have any of your own personal hacks to share! Comment below, or tag me on social media using the hashtag #embracingit

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