100 Habit Changes For a Healthier Mind

Many of my friends have been so kind to me while I start Opaline Hue. I have been given specific feedback and encouragement. None have held back excitement and praise. This says more about the supportiveness of my community than anything I’m doing, but it hits me deeply.

This feedback impacts me because every time I hear it, I am reminded of another life. 

It reminds me of the weeks I spent in anxious, delusional terror about cancer and other illnesses.

I'm taken back to the silent suffering I carried, unknowingly holding in trauma wounds from long ago.

I remember when it felt like my body and brain would constantly betray me and torment me at random. 

I'm reminded of a time when, because of my mental health, none of this would be possible for me to pursue.

My heart sours when I receive support which reminds me of the biggest battle of my life juxtaposed with the stillness where my body and mind find themselves today. 

I have talked a little bit on here about my anxiety story. Here's what you need to know today:

A few years ago I knew I needed healing. I took my healing journey very seriously. I was doing all of the big things: therapy, medication, prayer and connecting with God.

I wanted to try everything I could. Because I believed in the power of holistic care, I wanted to know how I could continue to influence my life all around for the better. I was battling my anxiety in all the big ways, but what I had never taken seriously before were the lifestyle changes that could contribute to my healing. So I began actually listening to my doctor and counselor: I slept more, ate better foods, drank more water, journaled, and was always looking for more ways to influence my mental health through my lifestyle. My anxiety story would have been different without making some conscious lifestyle changes.

Changing my lifestyle was one piece in the puzzle of ridding debilitating anxiety from my life. It wasn’t the answer, but it was necessary for other factors to work together for my healing.

A big problem underlying anxiety is control. What I noticed in making these changes was the ability to manage my anxiety. I gained a healthy control over my daily habits, rather than a desperate need to control what I feared. I was really grateful at that time to have many ways of managing anxiety when I was accustomed to drowning.

For those of you who struggle with the range of debilitating anxiety to daily stress, I want to share with you some of the strategies I used to manage anxiety and bring me to a place where freedom from anxiety was possible. 

With the help of my husband who works in a related field, and my own experience (and a few ideas from my sister), I worked hard to bring forward some practical tips, strategies and changes to use your lifestyle to influence your mental health. You can now access it here for free!

This guide offers 100 ideas for you to try if you are in a similar place I found myself in: ready to make change and wanting to live with less stress. 

My suggestion is to choose 1-2 to implement this week. Pick 5 that resonate with you to try to incorporate into your life over time. You’ll find that some of these are really helpful, some are silly and fun, some you’re already doing and some won’t work for you. I wrote all of these ideas to be measurable and practical, but also broad enough to be applicable to different people. 

Will you do me a favor?

Send this to a friend! Our nation is riddled with anxiety and stress. I’m so glad if you don’t personally struggle with this, but chances are you know someone who could benefit from healthy change strategies!

I hope you find this useful. Please reach out on instagram and let me know which strategies you’ll put into practice this week!

- Maddi

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